Getting a wood fence for your home can fulfill several other practical purposes apart from enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal. For instance, wood fences are great for ensuring privacy from prying eyes, tightening security, reducing noise levels, and improving the perceived market value of your home. But it is worth mentioning that getting a wood fence is definitely not a cheap pursuit.

The cost of wood fence in Dallas varies from area to area and contractor to contractor. That said, it is an investment that requires thorough contemplation since the cost is also dependent on several other factors. As a professional Dallas fence company, we suggest you to understand the components involved in making up the total price. Doing this will help you to understand what exactly you are paying for and more importantly, it will help you to create a wood fence that perfectly suits your budget.

Below we’ve listed a few factors that affect the cost of a wood fence in Dallas. Closely consider these factors to determine whether getting a wood fence is the right option for you.  

Cost of A Wood Fence in Dallas

According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost of getting a wood fence in the United States is $3,041. With the typical range lying between $1,32 to $4,352. In addition, you can also get a wood fence installed for as low as $800 and as high as $7,000.

As far as getting a wood fence in Dallas is concerned, homeowners can expect to pay an average cost of $ $2,813 or more. Typically, a basic backyard fence project can range between $15 to $45 per linear foot (4 to 6-feet high)

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Factors Affecting the Cost of a Wood Fence in Dallas

The wood type, fence style, labor charges, and cost of other fencing material are the most common factors impacting the final cost of a wood fence in Dallas, Texas.

1. Wood Type

Wood fences are usually constructed from cedar wood, redwood, pressure-treated pine, or some other water-resistant wood kind. If you are looking for the best quality wood with no budget constraints then tropical hardwoods and redwood are good options. On the contrary, if you’re following an on-a-budget project then pine and spruce are decent options. The cost of cedar generally lies on the middle ground.

Below we’ve listed some popular wood types used for fencing with their average costs:

Type of Wood Average Cost*
Black locust $5 to $10
Cypress $2
Cedar $2 to $3
Composite $6 to $10
Pressure treated pine $1 to $5
Tropical hardwood $8 to $15
Redwood $8
Spruce $5
White oak $5 to $10
Western red cedar $6 to $8

*The average cost is per 6-feet tall picket.

Keep in mind that the cost of each wood type will vary with the fluctuating market rate of raw lumber. Nonetheless, the above-stated figures can be used as a general guideline. Before finalizing on a wood type, be sure to consult with an expert lumber supplier to learn the benefits and shortcomings of each option.

2. Style of Fence

Numerous styles of wood fences are available at your disposal. However, it is worth noting that the type of fencing style you choose will substantially impact the final cost of your project. This is because some fence styles may use more wood than others. Likewise, the fencing style will also determine how much labor (and for how long) is require for the installation. For instance, picket fences require more skill and time to install correctly compared to other fencing styles.

3. Labor Charges

The average labor charges for a wood fence installation in the United States typically ranges from $17 to $45/linear foot. The cost of labor is also dependent on several other elements, such as:

  • The kind of material used in construction
  • Your location
  • The level of site preparation needed

With some fencing contractors and laborers charging hourly wages, you can expect to pay more if you wish to cover a bigger ground. In addition, factors like rough/hard terrain and difficult to access areas can also increase total costs as they entail greater planning.

4. Fencing Materials

When calculating the total cost of getting a wooden fence in Dallas, it is important to also include the added expense of other fencing materials including gates, paint/stain, hardware, posts, etc.

5. Fence Height & Length

Wooden fences with greater height will cost more as they entail more lumber, materials, and labor. In addition, its length will also play a big factor in determining the final cost building wood fence.

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