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Texas State Fence is a BBB-Accredited company that specializes in maintaining, constructing, and installing Iron Gates for your home or commercial property. We take great value in our workmanship and offer a wide range of stunning designs you can use for your preferred Iron Gate. Our team of professionals constantly makes sure that you get the best results tailored according to your specifications so that you achieve a durable and nice-looking Iron gate for your property. We always strive to accomplish projects with utmost efficiency and convenience, all at an offered reasonable price at the same time.


A wrought Iron Gate is a durable, reliable, and weather-resistant alternative to vinyl or wood fencing. Unlike the latter, an Iron gate is less likely to warp or give in to hot summers and is ultimately better when it comes to improving your home’s curb appeal and safety. Iron gates usually come in a variety of designs. In a way, iron gates evoke a sense of artistry since you have the option to choose what kind of design you want it to be or how you want it to look your own. Regardless, an Iron gate makes for a stunning entrance to your property while also being functional and classy.

There are many reasons why more and more households are choosing to install Iron gates, particularly in luxury villas. For one, having an Iron gate helps make your home stand out from the rest, thus increasing your home’s overall look. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to always compromise on aesthetics when getting fencing for your property, especially when you can easily hit two birds with one stone in Iron gates. The craftsmanship of these gates is also commendable since each design is unique on its own and is customized according to the client’s personal taste.

But more than the surface-level aesthetics, the most important benefit you can get out of installing an iron gate for your property is enhanced security. Your home stores almost all of your valuable possessions, and you wouldn’t want to risk a break-in because of a poor-quality gate. Iron gates are durable on their own, and that’s why they’re capable of ensuring maximum security and safety for your property. This is because iron bars are basically invulnerable to tools such as wire cutters, and the top of the gates are often outlined with spikes, making it difficult for ill-intended people to try and come in. Iron gates are a perfect deterrent from not only trespassers or criminals but also wanderers from entering your property.

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