If you’re confused whether an arbor is the right option for you, you have come to the right place. This post shares how the usefulness of arbors goes beyond merely providing beauty and aesthetic appeal. Read on to nip your dilemma in the bud with these four benefits of having an arbor outside your property.

Arbors are more than just decorative structures erected outside your home. Believe it or not but they serve several practical purposes such as:

  • Provides shade to your home/yard
  • Enhances aesthetic appeal and beauty of the overall property
  • Ensures a sense of privacy
  • Protects against weather elements
  • Increases perceived market value of your home

Setting up an arbor on your property indeed requires a huge investment but it’s worth mentioning that the fruits of your investment will be enjoyed for the years to come. Whether you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or seek privacy from prying eyes, a well-built arbor can do it all for you.

With this slatted roof structure standing on two or four posts, the ability to showcase your home’s unique personality is as limited as your imagination.

If you’re still confused whether to get an arbor or not, here are four reasons this pleasing to look at structure might be the right choice for your home.

1. Arbors are visually appealing.

Majority of homeowners decide to erect arbors in their yard because they wish to amplify its beauty. Arbors are, after all, extremely pleasing to look at. In addition, since the structures are a great medium for customization, homeowners can create and showcase the unique personality of their property according to their liking. For example, you can design the arbor to match your home’s overall style and color scheme (Victorian, English, French, etc.).  The posts or roof of the structure can even be designed into interesting shapes and patterns for exclusivity. Creating an arbor is a work of art. They can be styled to complement a range of home designs, from contemporary to casual, and old-fashioned to modern. As we said earlier, when it comes to designing arbors, sky is the limit!

2. Arbors provide outdoor shade for gatherings.

Sharing a glass of chilled drink with friends and family during the warm, summer season is great. But only until the mighty sun isn’t blazing on full mode. An arbor can provide a space that can protect you and your loved ones from the dire effects of direct sunlight and allow you to spend several hours outdoors to make the most out of your alfresco parties/gatherings.

With a well-thought arbor, you can even adjust the amount of shading required based on your personal needs. This is achieved through the location, spacing, and size of the individual rafters. Rafters can also be angled to increase protection against harsh sun rays. Nowadays, operable arbors are also available that adjust light according to your preferences.

Although arbors provide shade for outdoor gatherings, they aren’t an enclosed, tight space. Instead they’re open and appear like a seamless part of the landscape. You can still enjoy the fresh air and view the open sky through the rafters.

3. Arbors provide protection against weather elements.  

Another reason why homeowners are increasingly getting an arbor is that it safeguards their property from various weather elements such as rain and wind. In addition, it also shields outdoor furniture from weather-borne damage and in the process increases its useful life. Although arbors generally have a slatted roof, adding an all-weather fabric to it can amp up the protection against rain and storms.

4. Arbors can increase your home’s perceived market value.  

If you’ve ever bought or sold a property, you may have heard the word ‘perceived market value.’ For those who aren’t aware, it isn’t the actual market valuation of a property. Instead it shows how much the property appears to be worth in the buyer’s eyes. As a homeowner, you would always want to increase your property’s actual value (especially if you plan on selling it later), but improving the home’s perceived value is equally important. Getting an arbor can help you accomplish that.

Experts reveal that arbors can get homeowners a return investment of up to 80 percent on their purchase price. Today, aesthetically appealing outdoor structures like arbors are highly sought by potential homebuyers. Thus, building one can help you to sell the property much faster, especially in a competitive market.

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Arbors are ideal for people who enjoy the outdoors but don’t like dealing with the hassles that come along with it. If you’re not an outdoor enthusiast and don’t really care about privacy, getting an arbor wouldn’t be a good project for you. But if you need an outdoor spot where you can spend quality time with friends and family then this structure would definitely be a great addition to your garden.

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