Fence Repair Cost

fence repair cost

If you’re wondering how much does a fence repair cost in 2022, you have come to the right place.

It is important to note that installing a fence to your residential or commercial property will not only beautify it by giving it an extra appeal, the fence will also protect the property from external breaches by adding a layer of security. It’s equally important to understand that installing a fence isn’t really a cheap pursuit. Therefore, as professional fence installers, we suggest you to take good care of the fence and repair any damages at first sight. Since, doing this will save you from the exorbitant cost of installing a new fence from scratch. However, if the damage is beyond repair then installing a new fence might be your only option.

Below we’ve highlighted a few factors that affect the cost of a fence repair. Closely consider these factors to determine whether it’ll be better to repair existing fence impairments or install a new one altogether.

Fence Repair Cost in the United States

According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost of fence repair in the United States is $570. With typical range lying between $299 to $886. In addition, you can also get a fence repaired for as low as $50 and as high as $6,300.

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Keep reading to learn about the key factors affecting the final price of a fence repair.

Factors Affecting Fence Repair Cost

The cost of labor, material, height, and length are the most common factors impacting the final cost of repairing a fence

Labor Charges

The cost to repair a fence averages $565, with most homeowners spending between $300 and $878. Labor costs associated with fence repair can vary based on the extent of the repairs needed, the complexity of the terrain the fence is sitting on, and accessibility. With many professional fencing contractors billing by the hour, homeowners can expect to pay more for time-consuming repairs spread throughout the length of a fence. In addition, factors that include rough terrain, hard soil or hard-to-reach spots can all increase repair costs due to the extra time, planning and materials needed.


When patching or replacing parts of an existing fence, the cost of materials will also impact the final price. Fencing materials of higher-grade and quality cost more per sq. foot. Nevertheless, even low-cost and budget-friendly fencing materials can often require greater labor costs based on the complex work required for broad boards vs. interwoven strands. For instance, splicing, replacing, or stretching wire strands in metal fences.


Fences with greater height usually cost more to repair since they need additional equipment and materials for the task. The additional time required to restore a higher fence will also impact the labor expenses for the fix-up.


Similar to the fence’s height, its length also plays a huge role in determining the final cost of a fence repair. But bear in mind that length is only a relevant element if repairs are needed throughout the fence and not just a part of it.

Fence Repair Cost by Material Type

It is worth noting that some types of fencing materials are costlier by the square foot. However, there are also fencing materials that create a heavier burden on your pocket due to the labor and time involved in fixing them. Below we’ve listed some common types of fencing materials with their estimated costs:

Type of Material Estimate Price
Steel/Aluminum $500
Chain-link $460
Barbed Wire $450 to $1,500
Wooden Fence $500 to $600
Gate $32.50 (per square foot)
Iron $495
Lattice $32.50 (per square foot)
Stone $50 (per square foot)

Fence Repair Cost by Repair Type

While changing a broken panel can be fixed quickly and cost less, fence restorations that entail structural fixes will certainly cost you more money. In cases where the original installation was not done correctly, you will even have to dig up the fence in order to reposition the posts fittingly. Below we’ve listed some common types of fencing repairs with their estimated costs:

Type of Repair Estimate Price
Full Replacement $650 to $2,500
Post Replacement $140 to $400
Board or Panel Replacement $100 to $300
Gate Replacement $100 to $400
Chain Link Replacement $18 (per square foot)
Holes or Cracks $175 to $370
Fallen or Leaning Fence Repair $150 to $400

Fence Repair Cost Based on Per Square Ft.

The typical cost to repair an impaired fence lies between $18 – $50 for every sq. foot. According to these estimations, the national average cost of repairing a fence constructed from all fencing materials is $34 (per sq. ft.).

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To learn exactly how much a fence repair will cost in your area, it is ideal to contact a professional fence installer/repairer. Since you’re searching for the best fence repair cost rates, it’s imperative that you consider all options available to you and don’t hesitate in interviewing more than one firm. If you are in Texas, feel free to reach out to us for a quick quote.

Hiring a professional fence installer indeed comes at an extra expense, but when it comes to your property (perhaps your most important investment!), it’s worth every dollar and effort to get task done right from the get-go. Since a fence installed (and repaired) by a skilled contractor can last decades.

In addition, by considering the above-stated factors, you can also calculate an estimate cost of getting your fence repaired. Keep in mind always that just like everything else, your fence can also benefit from regular maintenance and upkeep.

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