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Fencing is what gives a house its complete frame. A fence around the property in Frisco, TX not only helps highlight the house framework but also provides a sense of privacy and control to the residents. As such, fencing is pivotal to any property.

Today, you can find fences in a wide range of colors and styles, many of which do not even need to be painted.

Types of Fences Available in Frisco Texas

1) Wood Fence

Wood fences come in a wide variety of designs that can be used as security fences, privacy fences, and landscape accents. For front yards, ornamental picket fences are typical. Popular designs with wood fences for backyard seclusion include horizontal slats, board-on-board, stockade, and dog-ear.

Wood is one of the cheapest materials out there, and one of the simplest types of fences to install. What’s more, with a bit of care and maintenance, a wood fence can last a lifetime.

The disadvantage of wood fences is that it can be affected by warping, rotting, water damage, and vermin. To help prevent these issues, you’ll need to power wash, paint, or refinish your wood fence every two or three years.

2) Stonewall with Iron Fence

Stonewall with an iron fence gives your property a classy, fort-like appearance. You can have a stone wall built up to the height of your knees and enclose it with iron grills in your chosen design.

This type of fence is quite low-maintenance, durable, and capable of weathering extreme weather conditions. That said, you will need to periodically get the fence painted to keep it from rusting.

3) Wrought Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence is primarily decorative, and comes in almost every imaginable style and design. With additional features like spiked railheads, these fences can also provide security. Since they don’t offer much seclusion at the back, these fences work best in front yards.

Durability is the key selling point of a wrought iron fence. With proper maintenance, wrought iron will survive a long time. Other than that, these fences can also be easily customized to complement your surroundings.

Since most wrought iron fences are made to order, they can be quite expensive. Additionally, they are prone to rust and will require a new primer coat every four to five years.

4) Precast Concrete Fence

Precast concrete fences are quite the rage these days. Not only are these fences quick and easy to install, but are also durable and low-maintenance. In addition, compared to their wood counterparts, precast concrete fences are more cost-effective in the long-run.

Other major advantages are that these fences are termite proof, fireproof, resistant to harsh weather, and extremely tough to break down.

If you have a large wall, you can get a custom concrete fence made. If not, you may have to choose from the manufacturer’s predesigned (and often limited) options.

5) Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are like their wrought iron counterparts in that they are available in a wide range of designs and colors. Some aluminum fences merely serve as decoration, while others offer security. Depending on the style, these fences are suitable for front or backyards, and they are frequently used as pool fences.

Aluminum fencing, much like wrought iron, is customizable. But because aluminum doesn’t corrode like wrought iron does, it doesn’t need as much upkeep. Aluminum is also less expensive.

In terms of strength, aluminum does not match up to wrought iron, and is therefore more vulnerable during extreme weather conditions.

6) Composite Fence

Solid panels offer discretion, safety, and secure enclosure for kids and pets. Since composite fencing is generally tall and can block views, it is a better choice for backyards than for front yards.

The material is made up of strong fragments of wood, resin, and plastic. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns that look like natural wood, but with the added advantage of resistance against rot and vermin. Additionally, manufacturers make composite fencing that mimics natural stone. Low-maintenance, these fences simply require the occasional watering to maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Owing to their high durability and quality, composite fences are generally more expensive than many other fencing options. They can also be difficult to install, and the process often requires the services of a contractor.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Fence in Frisco TX

1) Purpose

Whether it is to bolster security or increase privacy, the most important factor to consider is the reason you want to install a fence in the first place.

For instance, if privacy is your primary objective, erecting a split-rail fence around your residence is not the best idea.

It is your purpose that will decide the size, composition, and materials for your fence.

2) Budget

While there are a number of fence designs, colors, and materials out there, your budget will play a key role in narrowing your options down. It is important to carefully determine your spending power well before initiating the project or even hiring a contractor.

There are many instances of homeowners who started building fences without paying much heed to budget or seeking assistance from fence contractors, only to find themselves short of funds in the middle of their project.

3) Maintenance

How much time, effort, and money are you willing to commit to fence repair and for the upkeep of your fence?

If the answer is ‘not a lot’, you may need to find low-maintenance options like vinyl or aluminum fences. Wooden fences, although popular, are vulnerable to many different types of damages and would need fence repair and to be fully repainted every few years.

4) Climate

Different climatic conditions require different fencing materials. For instance, if you live in an area with frequent rains, wood’s vulnerability to moisture makes it a poor choice of material.

A fence company in Frisco TX like Texas State Fence may be able to recommend the perfect material based on the climatic conditions of your locality.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, you can find fences in a wide range of colors, designs, and materials, but not every type of fence may be suited to your unique purposes, residence, upkeep ability, and regional climatic conditions.

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