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Fence company Allen

If you are hunting for fencing trends that are unique and practical, you have come to the right place.

Building a fence can definitely be a great addition to your yard, especially if you wish to spend quality time with friends and family, minus the prying eyes of neighbors and by-walkers. So, save your property (and yourself) from becoming a target of unsolicited looks with these incredible fencing trends.

With these modern and fresh ideas, you can:

  • Breathe new life to your property
  • Increase your home’s aesthetic appeal
  • Ensure and maximize privacy/security
  • Enhance your property’s perceived market value

From pet-proof fences to quaint fence styles, here are some latest fencing trends to look forward this year:


Pet-Proof Fences

Each year in the USA, millions of pets including cats and dogs get either stolen or lost. Worse, many of them even die on roads in unfortunate accidents. So, if you are a pet-parent and want to ensure that your furry four-legged family member does not become part of any such tragic situation, it is best to consider building a pet-proof fence.

Luckily, the modern pet-proof fences are as striking as they’re secure. As dogs cannot climb, most conventional fence styles including horizontal fencing will sufficiently serve the purpose. A heavy-duty lattice fence or a chain-link fence will even let your pup enjoy the views outside of the property. For cats, however, things are not as simple.

If you do not wish to keep your puss inside all the time, consider lining the fence’s top with sloping wire barriers. Building a catio with access from a window is another good option. Keep in mind, you might need a few solutions to thwart your kitty’s shrewd escape attempts.

Inexpensive Chain Link Fences

This option is best for people who are searching for fencing ideas that are on the lower end of the price spectrum. You may have majorly seen chain link fences protecting the boundaries of commercial properties, schoolyards, and sports fields, but these pocket-friendly fences are vastly trending for homes in 2022.

Chain link fences are usually built from galvanized steel along with a vinyl coat for extra protection. In addition, its distinct diamond shape is also great for adding extra strength and durability.

With many homeowners spending more and more time in their backyards, people have realized that their yards are not as secure as they should be. Maybe you need a safe space for the kids to play in, perhaps an area to let your pet out unsupervised, or maybe you need a safe, private space for alfresco gatherings. Irrespective of what you need, an inexpensive and strong chain link fence can do it all for you.

Classic Wood Fences

No matter which era you’re in, the timeless charm of a warm, wood fence never goes out of style. From tried and tested stockade fences to more modern shadow box barriers, one can never go wrong with wood fences. They are sturdy, easy to build, eco-friendly, and exude a warm style. When building a wood fence, just be sure to consider two important things:

  • Kind of wood used
  • Style of the fence

As far as wood types are concerned, hardwoods like oak and cedar are extremely durable and can last for years. But they are a bit more expensive than other options, such as soft pinewood.

Timeless, Quaint Fences

Nothing can beat the classic and quintessential fencing style than the white picket American fence. With origins dating back to the 1800s, this staple of the Colonial Revival design movement has found its way back into today’s fencing scene. This classic fence style is great for adding charm to a character property or period home. But unlike its predecessors, today fence installers use durable vinyl and/or even aluminum to craft their thin beams and scalloped tops.

Estate fencing is another fence style exuding vintage charm with the help of timeless post-and-rail style. Resonating a Wyoming horse ranch and lush Vermont farms, this split-rail design fence can be built from metal, wood, and even vinyl.


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